Our People

Larry Simonson

Larry Simonson, P.E., Project Engineer

Who are you?

My name is Larry Simonson, and I have had the privilege of working with BLE for over five years. During that time, I have worked primarily with our Solid Waste department while also getting the chance to work on projects for our Geotechnical department and our team in Asheville. I grew up in South Carolina, and went to school at Clemson University. Go Tigers!

What first attracted you to BLE?

I was first attracted during the interview process. I knew little about the company at that time beyond seeing their trucks driving to construction sites on Clemson University’s campus. What I found when I interviewed was a relatively small office where I met nearly everyone. It was clear even during the interview that BLE was composed of driven, technically-skilled and friendly people. I gained the sense from everybody at BLE that being there never felt like “just a job,” but that it was a real opportunity to do projects that were interesting, engaging, and would stretch my technical ability. That sense has since been proven. During my five years of being with BLE, there has never been a day where I have felt like a cog in a corporate machine.

How have you grown with BLE?

Such a great question! I started growing at BLE day one. My first few weeks at BLE were spent at a project site in North Carolina, training with one of our staff members on the ins and outs of construction quality assurance for a landfill project. From there, my first two years were spent primarily at project sites across the southeast region, watching and learning the construction process, performing quality assurance testing on soils and plastic liners.

After those two years in the field, I transitioned more into a staff and project engineer role, where I have assisted in managing technicians for quality assurance projects and performed calculations related to landfill geotechnical design. Over time, I’ve become more involved with slope stability related projects for the geotechnical design of landfills and for unstable slope mitigations. I’ve been involved in many challenging and rewarding projects now, and been given the opportunity to grow in my technical abilities.

What has been one of your favorite things about working at BLE?

The encouragement to continue our growth within our fields has been one of my favorite things at BLE. I have had many opportunities to participate in webinars, training seminars, and conferences to encourage my technical growth. I have also had many opportunities to work with engineers outside of my own group to gain experience with different types of projects.