Tom Lammons and Dan Bunnell

A friendship that began more than 28 years ago through shared values, life experiences, and professional success quickly developed into a promising future for our company’s founders. Dan Bunnell and Tom Lammons worked well together and saw an opportunity.

With well-established roots for both Bunnell and Lammons in the Upstate, they founded Bunnell-Lammons Engineering, Inc. (BLE) in Greenville, South Carolina. By pursuing their specific areas of expertise, they developed a new business model for growth that showed promise to develop, expand, and support their community.

BLE grew out of that initial ambition to offer practical solutions to its clients’ challenges and help them achieve successful development by providing a range of consulting, design, and construction-related services in specialized areas of earth, environment, structures, and infrastructure.

With the goal of remaining employee-owned and being a top-tier engineering, science, and regulatory consulting firm, BLE operates by the highest technical, ethical, and business standards. As its client portfolio increases, BLE has expanded geographically and diversely, while still valuing the legacy clients who continue to trust its partnership.

Our founders’ vision for the company remains rooted in strong values, diverse technical expertise, and sound business practices.

“BLE delivers innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients,” said Dan Bunnell, BLE Principal Engineer, and President. “We invest in the best talent in our fields and remain in a process of constant improvement to offer the expertise and skills our clients need."

“With technical services and business savvy, BLE supports our clients’ businesses to help their organization's progress,” said Tom Lammons, BLE Principal Hydrogeologist, and CEO. “We listen to our team, value our client’s insight, and balance each project with precision and leadership to achieve results that exceed expectations. BLE takes a broad perspective that supports your goals today while building strategies that anticipate your future needs.”