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Delivering safe and efficient solutions.

Transportation is key to economic growth. Without well-designed roads, airports, ports and rail infrastructure, the country would grind to a halt. At BLE, we’re focused on helping to achieve high-performance, durable and safe transportation solutions for public and private entities.

Our transportation engineering specialists provide a broad range of surface and subsurface design and analysis services, including:

  • Geotechnical analysis and design
  • Settlement and stability analysis for embankments
  • Reinforced earth and MSE wall analysis and design
  • Pavement condition assessments and structural design
  • Asphalt and concrete pavement mix design
  • Soil and bedrock analysis
  • Construction engineering and inspection (CE&I)
  • Asphalt and concrete plant inspections
  • NEPA, wetlands, Natural and Cultural Resources Surveys
  • UST removals and contamination assessments
  • Environmental consulting services

BLE is dedicated to helping our clients build better transportation infrastructure, providing them with the services and support they need.

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