Geotechnical Engineering

BLE provides the geotechnical engineering expertise your project needs.

Conducting a geotechnical investigation at a project site is essential to reduce the potential for significant problems and extra costs. BLE’s geotechnical engineers investigate the subsurface conditions on project sites and make recommendations that are economical and safe. This can include engineering design and evaluation of the construction of foundations, slopes, retaining structures, tunnels, levees, dams, landfills or any structure composed of or supported by soil or rock. Our team of experts help make determinations for the best subgrade preparations, pavement design, or foundation type for the structure in question.

Both foundation installation and future construction can be negatively affected if conditions aren’t investigated effectively. Our consultants routinely work with designers and contractors to inform them of potential difficulties before they become costly problems. With unique backgrounds and experiences in a variety of geologic conditions, BLE’s team possesses the talent, tools and experience to tackle each project, whether routine or unique.

Here are a few of the geotechnical engineering services we provide:

  • Evaluation of soil and rock
  • Instrumentation
  • Retaining walls
  • Slope instrumentation and stabilization
  • Rock anchors and bolts
  • Building foundation, earthen dam, and transportation engineering
  • Application of geosynthetic designs
  • Deep foundation design and field inspection
  • Load testing and settlement analysis
  • Blasting and vibration monitoring
  • On-site testing and performance monitoring
  • Seepage control systems and dewatering
  • Soil nailing and tie-back systems
  • Analysis and design of rock slopes and earthen embankments
  • Forensics and expert witness