Geophysical Testing

Expanding our understanding of a site.

To develop a more complete understanding of the subsurface conditions at a site, BLE supplements drilling and sampling with a variety of geophysical methods. These non-destructive test methods facilitate coverage of a much broader area than can be achieved by drilling alone.

BLE’s experienced geotechnical engineers use geophysical surveys, measuring the physical properties of the ground, to determine if there are variations or anomalies in the background readings. When properly interpreted, these anomalies may indicate the presence of underground hazards such as utilities, buried tanks, sinkholes or old landfill material. Geophysical methods are also used to identify the surface of rock and evaluate seismic site classification.

Geophysical techniques we utilize include:

  • seismic refraction
  • refraction microtremor
  • electrical resistivity
  • ground penetrating radar
  • borehole geophysical and video logging