Headshot of Tom Lammons, Principal Hydrogeologist & CEO

Thomas Lammons, P.G., CHMM

Principal Hydrogeologist & CEO

Mr. Lammons is a founding Principal and CEO of the firm with over three decades of professional experience...

Headshot of Dan Bunnell, Principal Engineer & President

Daniel Bunnell, P.E.

Principal Engineer & President

Mr. Bunnell is a Principal and President of the firm with over three decades of consulting engineering experience.


Headshot of Trevor Benton, Department Manager Environmental Services

Trevor Benton, P.G.

Environmental Services

Mr. Benton is a senior project leader and client manager with over 20 years of professional environmental consulting experience....

Headshot of Andrew Colby, Department Manager Solid Waste Services

Andrew Colby

Solid Waste Services

Mr. Colby is a Senior Engineering Associate and leads the Electrical Leak Location (ELL) services department. He has over 20 years of...

Headshot of Robert "Ty" Hawkins, Department Manager Environmental Services

Robert "Ty" Hawkins, CHMM

Environmental Services

Mr. Hawkins is a Department Manager for Environmental Services for BLE. He has over 20 years of professional experience...

Headshot of Jeff Helvey, Division Director, Solid Waste Services

Jeff Helvey, P.E.

Division Director, Solid Waste Services

Mr. Helvey is a senior project leader and client manager with over 24 years of professional geotechnical and solid waste engineering...

Headshot of Bryan Howard, Department Manager, Transportation Services

W. Bryan Howard, P.E.

Branch Manager, Columbia

Mr. Howard is a Senior Engineer and Branch Manager for BLE's Columbia, SC office. With more than two decades of experience,...

Headshot of Jesse Jacobson, Branch Manager, Asheville

Jesse Jacobson, P.E.

Director of Technical Services

Mr. Jacobson joined BLE in 2011 and is the Director of Technical Services. He has extensive experience in the subjects of retaining walls,...

David Loftis

David Loftis, P.E.

Branch Manager, Asheville

Mr. Loftis is a Senior Engineer and the Branch Manager for BLE’s Asheville, North Carolina office. He offers over 20 years...

Headshot of Tyler Moody

Tyler Moody, P.E.

Solid Waste Services

Mr. Moody joined BLE in 2010 and has over 11 years of experience in geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing.

Headshot of Darren Nease, Department Manager, Construction Services

Darren Nease, P.E.

Construction Services

Mr. Nease is a Senior Engineer and Project Manager for BLE. He has been with BLE since 2002 following graduation from Clemson...

Chad Rowland

Chad Rowland, P.E.

Construction Quality Assurance

Mr. Rowland joined BLE in 2021 and serves as the Department Manager for the Construction Quality Assurance Department...

Project Managers

Headshot of Admin

Andrew Alexander, P.G.

Consultant Hydrogeologist

Mr. Alexander has over 30 years of experience as a professional hydrogeologist providing consulting services for broad...

Headshot of Jim Belgeri, Senior Consultant

James Belgeri, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Mr. Belgeri joined BLE in 2018 as Senior Consultant in the Asheville office. He has extensive geotechnical, geological...

Headshot of Rex Brown, Senior Engineer

Rex Brown, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Mr. Brown is a senior project leader and client manager with over 29 years of professional geotechnical and construction materials...

Headshot of Matt Christie, P.E., Senior Engineer

Matt Christie, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Mr. Christie is a Senior Engineer with BLE’s Construction Services department. With more than 20 years of experience, he has worked...

Headshot of TJ Daniel, Staff Hydrogeologist

TJ Daniel, P.G.

Project Hydrogeologist

T.J. Daniel serves as Project Hydrogeologist for BLE. He works primarily with the solid waste department with well installations, compiling...

Headshot of Reid Doherty, Project Geologist

Reid Doherty, P.G.

Project Geologist

Mr. Doherty serves as a project geologist at BLE. During his decade of professional experience, he has served as a technical...

Tyler Fletcher 2020-5

Tyler Fletcher

Tank Compliance and Testing

Mr. Fletcher manages tank compliance and testing services at BLE. He has experience in many aspects of environmental field work...

Headshot of Anna Franklin, Senior Environmental Engineer

Anna Franklin, P.E.

Senior Environmental Engineer

Ms. Franklin is a senior project manager with over 18 years of regulatory and environmental consulting experience. She specializes in air...

Headshot of Sam Interlicchia, Field Services Program Manager

Sam Interlicchia

Field Services Program Manager

Mr. Interlicchia joined BLE in 2003 as a Project Manager in the Asheville, NC office and has over 25 years of geotechnical and...

Headshot of Jimmy Ladd, Chief Building Inspector

Jimmy Ladd

Chief Building Inspector

Mr. Ladd is a Chief Building Inspector and Technician with over 19 years of experience in building code inspection, construction quality...

Headshot of Bill Mathews, Chief Engineer

William Mathews, P.E.

Chief Engineer

Mr. Mathews is Chief Engineer with more than three decades of professional engineering experience. He is responsible for professional...

Headshot of Dan Matz, Environmental Engineer

Dan Matz, P.E.

Environmental Engineer

Mr. Matz is an environmental engineer with over 10 years of experience. His technical practice has included managing...

Headshot of Dan Osbourne, Chief Scientist

Dan Osbourne P.G.

Chief Scientist

Mr. Osbourne is Chief Scientist at BLE with over 20 years of environmental consulting experience. Mr. Osbourne is responsible for...

Headshot of Larry Simonson, P.E., Project Engineer

Larry Simonson, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Mr. Simonson is a Senior Engineer with over 8 years of professional geotechnical and solid waste engineering consulting experience. He...

Headshot of Gwen Sollenberger, Senior Engineer

Gwen Sollenberger, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Mrs. Sollenberger is a Senior Engineer with over ten years of experience in managing and performing traditional geotechnical projects...

Headshot of Gary Weekly, P.E., Senior Engineer

Gary Weekly, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Mr. Weekly has served as a Senior Engineer with BLE since the company's inception. He has been involved in siting, design and...

Headshot of Jonathan Usher, P.E., Senior Engineer

Jonathan Usher, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Mr. Usher is a senior engineer and project manager with more than 20 years of construction project management and...

Corporate Administrative Office

Headshot of Shelly Faulkenberry, Corporate Office Manager

Shelly Faulkenberry

Corporate Office Manager
Headshot of Lauren Fitzgerald, Human Resources Manager

Lauren Fitzgerald

Human Resources Manager
Headshot of Richard Hall, Controller

Richard Hall

Brad Medcalf

Brad Medcalf, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Business Development Representatives

Headshot of Prescott May, Business Development Representative

Prescott May

Upstate South Carolina
Garrett Pittman 2

Garrett Pittman

North Carolina
Zack Smith

Zack Smith

Midlands South Carolina