Materials Laboratory

Where precision and efficiency meet.

Our advanced equipment and highly trained laboratory technicians have the capability to perform most routine geotechnical and construction materials testing. We approach our work with the precision of scientists and maintain the efficient professionalism our clients have come to expect from BLE. With our own in-house AASHTO accredited laboratory, we’re able to offer our clients quick testing turnaround without sacrificing the accuracy or quality of our process.

Our laboratory contains permeability testing equipment, equipment for performing field and lab tests on both plastic and cured concrete, and a compression machine capable of testing concrete, brick, block, rock and chemically stabilized soil.

At BLE, we’re committed to adhering to industry standards, like ASTM, AASHTO, AMRL, CCRL and USACOE. Our NICET and ACI certified lab technicians can conduct the following laboratory tests and procedures:

  • Specific gravity (soils and aggregate)
  • Sieve analysis (soils and aggregate)
  • Moisture density relationship
  • CBR
  • Hydrometer analysis
  • Concrete mix design
  • Hydraulic jack calibration
  • Concrete strength testing
  • Liquid and plastic limits
  • Flexible wall permeability testing
  • Rigid wall permeability testing
  • Atterberg limits
  • Triaxial shear testing
  • Direct shear testing
  • Consolidation
  • CMU block testing
  • Asphalt testing, extraction gradation, rice and core density