BLE Sponsors Bi-Annual Solid Waste Conference

Bunnell-Lammons Engineering, Inc. (BLE) was proud to sponsor the South Carolina Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America Region 6 conference. The bi-annual event was held from August 29 through September 1 at the Hyatt Regency in Greenville, SC where BLE is headquartered. The conference saw close to 300 people over a three-day period from across the United States.

BLE’s Andrew Colby presented “Utilizing Electrical Leak Location (ELL): Past, Present and Future” during the “Landfill Planning” breakout session. ELL testing is an effective quality assurance tool to locate leaks in geomembrane liners installed in landfill cells, basins, ponds, tanks and other environmental containment systems. The presentation was a brief overview of methods, results, and trends, including where technology started, where the state of ELL currently stands, and where ELL is headed. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Colby is the Branch Manager for BLE’s Columbia location and leads the Construction Quality Control and Electrical Leak Location department.



Jeff Helvey, COO and Director of Solid Waste Services commented, “BLE professional engineers, geologists and scientists are proud to support SWANA as it champions the advancement of environmentally and economically sound municipal solid waste management. Contributing to the continuing education opportunities at SWANA events helps us promote our shared goals of the responsible stewardship of solid waste as a valuable resource, ensuring sustainable practices and paving the way for a safer, cleaner environment for future generations. We are committed to supporting SWANA’s mission – ‘forging a safe and prosperous environment that endures as our lasting legacy’”.

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