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Geotechnical, Environmental and Construction Materials Consultants

Materials Laboratory

BLE maintains an in-house laboratory capable of performing most routine geotechnical and construction materials tests. Such tests include grain size distribution with hydrometer analysis, plasticity (Atterberg-limits), soil moisture-density relations (standard and modified Proctor), triaxial shear, direct shear, moisture content and unit weight. We also own and operate state of the art permeability testing equipment which is capable of simultaneously testing up to 29 undisturbed or remolded samples under various confining pressures. We have equipment for performing field and laboratory tests on plastic or cured concrete (i.e. air content, temperature, slump, yield and compressive strength). Our compression machine allows compressive strength testing of standard six-inch diameter concrete test cylinders with a strength in excess of 8,000 psi. Utilizing a different set of platens, this machine is also capable of testing brick, block, rock and chemically stabilized (i.e. cement) soil.

Laboratory tests are conducted in accordance with standards established by ASTM, AASHTO, USACOE, and other industry standards. BLE technicians are certified by industry organizations including NICET and ACI.

  • Specific Gravity (Soils & Aggregate)
  • Sieve Analysis (Soils & Aggregate)
  • Moisture Density Relationship
  • CBR
  • Hydrometer Analysis
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Hydraulic Jack Calibration
  • AASHTO Accredited
  • AMRL/CCRL Compliant
  • Concrete Strength Testing
  • Delmurst Moisture Meter Testing
  • Liquid and Plastic Limits
  • Flexible Wall Permeability Testing
  • Rigid Wall Permeability Testing
  • Triaxial Testing
  • Direct Shear Testing
  • Consolidation

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