Ty Hawkins and Rex Brown Guest Lecture at Clemson University

Ty Hawkins Guest Lecture at Clemson University

Ty Hawkins, Senior Environmental Consultant, and Rex Brown, Senior Engineer, were invited to be guest lecturers at Clemson University on September 4. They spoke with students in the Real Estate Development Process class of the Clemson Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) program, discussing their specialized areas of environmental assessments and geotechnical investigations. The Clemson MRED program is a full time program that closely follows the principles of the Urban Land Institute and encourages students to focus on sustainable communities.

Ty Hawkins covered the environmental assessments portion of class and highlighted the various tools developers and real estate professionals can utilize to help make better informed decisions about a property, as well as ways to mitigate environmental hazards on a site.

Rex Brown, who specializes in geotechnical engineering and works closely with developers, underscored the need for a geotechnical investigation on a site to reduce the potential for problems and additional project costs. He also discussed solutions engineering professionals can provide when faced with unexpected challenges.

While this is not the first time either Hawkins or Brown have spoken to a group, it was the first time they led a class together. They took this unique opportunity to emphasize the importance and benefits of working with an integrated team of environmental and geotechnical professionals that communicate with each other, as well as the property owner.

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