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UST Testing at Convenience Store

Batesburg, SC – BLE was contracted to complete the annual line and leak detector testing as required by South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) on a convenience store. BLE was asked to complete four line tightness tests and four leak detector function checks at the facility.

While testing the lines for tightness, BLE personnel came across a line that was not holding pressure. BLE personnel began troubleshooting operations to look for leaks in the product piping system but soon realized that the line was punctured underground and would need to undergo further specialized testing.

With this discovery, BLE was contracted to perform a Helium Test on the line to pinpoint the leak location. BLE personnel used a hammer drill with a ½” concrete drill bit to drill holes along the piping system. Then they pressurized the line with helium to 70 PSI and used a helium detector to locate the leak. Once the leak was pinpointed, BLE personnel directed a third party contractor to dig out the location and patch the line.

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