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Highway 70 Retaining Wall Repair and Extension

Asheville, N.C. – BLE provided geotechnical exploration, geotechnical construction support and oversight, repair and design construction drawings, and construction materials testing services for a new retaining wall on Highway 70 in North Carolina. Observation and preliminary assessment of the site indicated the need to provide additional stability for both the existing segmental block retaining wall and the embankment just downstream, as scour from the adjacent creek had significantly undermined the existing retaining wall and sidewalk, and was encroaching upon the subgrade directly below Highway 70. The existing retaining wall was stabilized by temporarily diverting the creek away from the wall, installing formwork, and pumping non-shrink grout into the void beneath the footing. After reviewing different design options with the client, a steel soldier pile and concrete panel wall was selected for the site. The proximity of the wall to the heavily trafficked highway and the creek, the steeply sloping terrain, and the tight access conditions created numerous design and construction challenges.

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