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Downtown Mixed-Use Development

Greenville, South Carolina – BLE provided geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and special inspections for a new $175 million-dollar mixed-use development in the center of downtown Greenville, SC. The project consists of a 3-level underground parking garage, a 7-story hotel, a 7-story apartment building, a 4-story office building, a 12-story office building with 4-stories of condominiums on top, and a large public plaza with retail shops.

Geotechnical field testing included soil test borings with standard penetration tests and water table determination. Rock coring to determine the quality and competency of the bedrock underlying the site.   BLE recommended 50,000 psf bearing pressure for the project footings that transfer the load directly to the bedrock. BLE monitored the blasting and rock excavation on the site and closely inspected the project footings for the recommended bearing conditions.

BLE is currently performing construction materials testing and special inspections for the project. This has included testing of soils, concrete, post-tension cable systems, masonry, and structural steel installation. This project also included the management of a SC Brownfields contract due to the previous use of the property.

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