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Bridge Repair

Anderson County, South Carolina – Minor Street collapsed during a major rain event in early 2018 due to the failure of twin pipe culverts. As part of the Anderson County Transportation Committee contract, BLE oversaw the design and construction of the repair to Minor Street. The repair consisted of replacing the twin-pipe culverts with a hollow core slab bridge. The initial repair called for the installation of a box culvert. However, due to utility conflicts, the new culvert would have been 120-feet plus long and would have required a 401/404 permit due to impacts to 150-feet plus of Piedmont stream, along with the requisite mitigation.

The design and installation of the new bridge were accomplished via a notification to SCDHEC and construction costs were reduced when compared to the box culvert option. BLE’s inspection staff oversaw all aspects of construction, including environmental commitments, traffic control, foundation, substructure and superstructure construction, and roadway construction.

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