Project schedule and budget are primary considerations when developing, managing, or purchasing real estate. When it comes to a leaky roof, the time and expense to locate the actual source of the leak can be frustrating and costly, especially since roof leaks are often created by multiple sources.

Our team uses cutting edge Electrical Leak Location (ELL) technology to locate roof leaks, often as small as a pinhead. This non-destructive technology prevents the need to flood the roof or use infrared cameras in an attempt to identify leaks. BLE’s ELL operators are certified to perform ELL services, with experience on more than 10 million square feet.

If a breach, or hole, in the roof membrane is detected, the operator is alerted and the area(s) will be marked on the roof by BLE personnel using non-abrasive markings (i.e., crayon).

Following the field investigation, BLE will provide a brief letter summarizing the services performed and provide an aerial map of the roof that notes the approximate location of the identified breaches in the roof. The aerial map can then be used in support of qualified roofing professionals in identifying and repairing the suspected leak locations on the roof, as marked in the field.