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Waste Slope Monitoring and Maintenance – Landfill

Landfill in Georgia – Landfill owners and operators are taking more waste than ever before and this includes new waste streams with less internal strength, when placed, than traditional streams. They recognize that they need a team of savvy engineers to deal with the complications that can arise from accepting waste water treatment and industrial wastes which can create issues with landfill gas, rainwater, slope stability, and settlement not seen with traditional waste streams.

A landfill in Georgia approached BLE to investigate possible slope movements and leachate seeps within a slope where they had disposed of some of these new waste streams. Over the course of several months, BLE installed slope inclinometers and piezometers within the waste slope and monitored survey hubs. The data from the monitoring program were used to perform slope stability analysis to determine the underlying causes of the landfill’s issue.

As a part of providing an engineered solution for the landfill, BLE developed a design and provided construction quality assurance (CQA) for a dewatering system that included a leachate collection drain within the toe of the slope and horizontally drilled drains within the waste slope. BLE also monitored the installation of temporary geosynthetics on the waste slope to stop infiltration of rainwater into the waste.

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