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SECC Soil Screening & Disposal

Newton, North Carolina – Our client was installing a new 16-inch diameter water supply line in southeastern Catawba County which paralleled NC HWY 150. Work stopped on the project due to a perceived flammable hazard, which turned out to be highly contaminated soils. BLE was tasked with the following environmental consulting services: 1) sampling and analysis of the petroleum-contaminated soil for waste characterization and subsequent disposal, 2) performance of soil borings near the area of concern to assess the extent of contaminated soil or possible re-routing for the water line, and 3) identifying the source or source area and/or responsible party, if possible.

Based on the field screenings and laboratory analysis results showing that the soils along the proposed water line were highly contaminated, it was recommended by BLE that the proposed water line route be changed to avoid the contamination. BLE also recommended that if future earthwork was to be performed in the affected areas that the contaminated soils be disposed of properly.

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