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Pine Shore Dam

Transylvania County, NC – Pine Shore Dam is an approximately 40-foot tall intermediate hazard earthen dam with a public road that traverses the crest. The dam, with a 2H:1V downstream slope, has experienced seepage and slumping on the lower half of the downstream slope. BLE performed a geotechnical exploration of the dam that included soil test borings and groundwater elevation monitoring. Laboratory testing included shear strength of an undisturbed sample and grain size and plasticity tests for soil classification. Using the results of both the geotechnical and laboratory testing, BLE is developing a conceptual seepage and slope stability remediation design plan. In addition, a seismic study will be completed to ensure the final design is sufficient to protect the dam. Analysis of the distressed dam is ongoing. Stabilization of the dam and roadway will likely require a toe drain to control seepage and a soil berm to stabilize the downstream slope.

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