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Arch Culvert & Geogrid Reinforcement Wingwalls

Greenville, South Carolina – BLE provided geotechnical exploration, laboratory testing, and construction monitoring and testing for an arch culvert and associated geogrid-reinforced wingwalls providing roadway access to a new landfill area.

The arch culvert is approximately 35 feet tall and 200 feet long. The geotechnical exploration indicated that foundation conditions consisted of 6 to 12 feet of loose alluvial (water deposited) sands underlain by residual soils and partially weathered rock. The foundation selected for the culvert was steel HP12x53 piles driven to effective refusal into the partially weathered rock. Four of the 12 piles that support each side of the culvert were driven at a 3H:12V batter. BLE determined the driving criteria and monitored the pile driving.

The structural fill soil for the roadway approaches were obtained from onsite sources and confirmed by direct shear, grain size, and plasticity tests to meet project requirements. The installation of the biaxial geogrid was monitored to confirm proper placement and anchored to the face blocks. The sandy fill was tested as it was placed and compacted to confirm that the project compaction specifications were met. The height of fill was generally placed equally on both sides of the arch; however, the structure was monitored during fill placement to confirm that movement did not distort the structure. The project has been completed and is in current use.

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